“Gabrielle Ducomble is gifted with an irresistible voice” 

All About Jazz


“The sincerity, skill and accomplishment on display; Ducomble is a class act, and this is a well conceived and executed showcase for her considerable talents” 

Jazz Views


“Ducomble’s voice is a delight, warm and intimate.., pure and clear throughout.” 

Jazz Views


“Lhe songwriting is impressive” 

London Jazz News


“Ducomble’s pure-toned voice, impeccable phrasing,..incantatory” 



“Pristine vocals”

The Sunday Times


“Wow. Just wow.” 

London Jazz News  (Michel Legrand project)


“Charismatic, sophisticated and charming performer leaving audiences spellbound in her wake”

Jazz FM with ‘Notes from Paris’ Album of the week on its release


“Polished, classy and refined … a strong statement”

Jazz UK Magazine


“A great combination: Ducomble’s voice and panache portraying the poetry of Nougaro’s writing. Parfait.”

Jazz in Europe 


“Astonishingly beautiful voice”

BBC Radio 4


“Gabrielle is a wonderfully musical and charismatic performer”

Aurora Orchestra


“This is no cliche affair, the quality that exudes from the album and live shows is both genuine and indisputable and Ducomble is a great asset to the UK’s jazz scene”

JazzUK Gigs 


“Her voice is exquisitely groomed, sumptuously powerful and buttery, like a fine Meursault”

London Jazz News


“The Gabrielle Ducomble Quintet blew us away”

Fleece Jazz


“She stole the hearts of her audience.”

Glamorgan News


“Love your Libertango!!!”

Daniel Piazzolla