“Gabrielle Ducomble is gifted with an irresistible voice” 

All About Jazz


“The songwriting is impressive” 

London Jazz News


“Ducomble’s pure-toned voice, impeccable phrasing,..incantatory” 



“Charismatic, sophisticated and charming performer leaving audiences spellbound in her wake”

Jazz FM


“The sincerity, skill and accomplishment on display; Ducomble is a class act, and this is a well conceived and executed showcase for her considerable talents” 

Jazz Views


“Pristine vocals”

The Sunday Times


“Ducomble’s voice is a delight, warm and intimate.., pure and clear throughout.” 

Jazz Views


“Wow. Just wow.” 

London Jazz News  (Michel Legrand project)


“Polished, classy and refined … a strong statement”

Jazz UK Magazine


“A great combination: Ducomble’s voice and panache portraying the poetry of Nougaro’s writing. Parfait.”

Jazz in Europe 


“Astonishingly beautiful voice”

BBC Radio 4


“Gabrielle is a wonderfully musical and charismatic performer”

Aurora Orchestra


“This is no cliche affair, the quality that exudes from the album and live shows is both genuine and indisputable and Ducomble is a great asset to the UK’s jazz scene”

JazzUK Gigs 


“Her voice is exquisitely groomed, sumptuously powerful and buttery, like a fine Meursault”

London Jazz News


“The Gabrielle Ducomble Quintet blew us away”

Fleece Jazz


“She stole the hearts of her audience.”

Glamorgan News


“Love your Libertango!!!”

Daniel Piazzolla